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How Advertising on DriveTraders Can Help Grow Your Business?

DriveTraders is a day-by-day fast growing international platform for all car owners and for all people who makes business selling and buying cars. DriveTraders unites all this people in a great community where all this people have an opportunity to promote its services and products to each other in a very convenient and easy way. There is no need to imagine how big is this community nowadays. With all that in mind it is obvious that DriveTraders is a great and very effective place to promote business and products related to cars and its owners.

How to Start Advertising on DriveTraders?

DriveTraders is a part of Simplpeople – The Global Digital Ecosystem. As well as wide range of advertising options to choose Simplpeople provides high-quality service and real-time support for all companies and partners. All campaigns and offers to DriveTraders advertisers and partners are being checked and then complied by Simplpeople in order to make sure they will deliver necessary effect in the end. Below you can check the average traffic, conversion statistics and banner placements with personal statistics as well. Click “Learn More” button to get more information about each particular placement or click “Order Campaign” to book dates and placements. All information and bookings are provided on Simplpeople website, so you will be redirected.

Average Website Statistics

Average Reach

Average Number of Clicks

Average CTR, %

Where to Place Banners?

Depending on how massive you want  your advertising campaign to be you may choose different advertising formats and placements – classic banner, side banner or fullwidth banner. Here you can see how they look like on DriveTraders and decide which one, or several, will fit your needs most:

Front Page Fullwidth Banner

Average Reach: ……. Average Clicks: ……. Average CTR: …….

DriveTrades Front Page Fullwidth Banner gets it done. It has a very attractive fullwidth dimensions and great placement in the center of the website front page. Whether you are a car buyer or seller this banner will definitely catch your eyes. Best choice to place a big announcement.

Search Page Upper Banner – 920 x 100

Average Reach: ……. Average Clicks: ……. Average CTR: …….

DriveTrades Search Page Upper Banner will appear every time someone goes to use filters to find particular car. It will be shown right after “Featured Cars” block which gives it a great attractive ability. Also it can deliver a great advertising experience when goes together with DriveTrades Search Page Bottom Banner

Search Page Bottom Banner – 920 x 100

Average Reach: ……. Average Clicks: ……. Average CTR: …….

DriveTrades Search Page Bottom Banner strikes every time someone scrolls “Search Page” to the bottom, and it is done nearly every time when someone is looking for a car to buy. This banner, as well as itself, can provide good advertising experience together with DriveTrades Search Page Upper Banner

Ad Page Upper Banner – 920 x 100

Average Reach: ……. Average Clicks: ……. Average CTR: …….

DriveTrades Ad Page Upper Banner is the first thing you face when you enter an ad page with car description, and only after you face it you continue to scroll the page. Perfect banner placement and great 920×100 dimensions deliver 1000% reachable effect and give a good opportunity to focus everyone on your offer

Ad Page Side Banner – 500 x 500

Average Reach: ……. Average Clicks: ……. Average CTR: …….

DriveTrades Ad Page Side Banner can’t be missed. It has really good placement. It goes first right after car photos on the side area of the page. It fits great on this ares and has 500×500 dimensions, so it can deliver the necessary advertising effect to everyone

Ad Page bottom Banner – 920 x 100

Average Reach: ……. Average Number of Clicks: ……. Average CTR: …….

DriveTrades Ad Page Bottom Banner is like a final step – a final information you get after you scroll all car description. As well as DriveTrades Ad Page Upper Banner it has 100% reachable effect and great placement. And also It can be a good addition to upper banner to deliver the best offer

Featured Ads, By The Way

Front Page and Search Page on Top

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